The way in which we started our business

We put our regulatory knowledge and investment sector expertise to good use, delivering a myriad of expert solutions that are comprehensive, useful, and always workable. ELI Lithuania has specialists who have extensive experience, and we put our regulatory knowledge and investment sector expertise to good use.Over the course of ten years, ELI Lithuania operated as a devoted consulting organization. ELI Lithuania has a team of professional lawyers in Lithuania who are specialists in providing corporate legal services for both domestic and international investors. Our group of Lithuanian attorneys provides a comprehensive selection of legal services to business owners who are considering establishing operations in this nation.Over the course of more than 15 years of concentrated work on the market for legal services, we conducted in-depth research into a wide variety of cutting-edge business sectors, including those pertaining to informational technologies (ICO-projects, Blockchain technologies, traffic arbitrage, software development), financial services (Forex, payment systems), and international emi accounting in lithuania activity.Everyone who has ambitions of one day running a successful and independent company should consider initiating a commercial initiative in Lithuania as the first responsible step toward achieving those goals. Establishing your own company is known to be one of the most challenging beginning stages, involving a significant amount of work in addition to persistence and perseverance. This is true regardless of the jurisdiction in which the company is being established. We are here to assist you in resolving all of the issues that have cropped up as a result of launching your own business in a way that is both simple and expedient. If you work with us to launch your company, you will not only have a successful venture, but you will also save valuable minutes and dollars in the process because our staff offers all of the services required to launch a firm. Because many people do not begin a business with a sizable quantity of capital on hand, this is another consideration that is of critical significance.It is common for people who desire to start a company activity to run into issues relating to the study of local laws. It takes a significant amount of effort to discover legal provisions that regulate corporate law.

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